When football hurts

It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, old or young — Football is a sport for everyone. In some European countries, almost every school has a football team of their own. Football is a popular sport among teenagers, all of whom were probably inspired by their idols in the international football teams.

Football‘s growing popularity is best exemplified by its “ambassador” — David Beckham, a popular (and gorgeous!) football player whose advertisement billboards can be seen almost everywhere. He is like the looked upon as the “epitome” of a football player since he is the best there is. In England, for example, they have Manchester United as being the most popular football club there is, with almost 50 million supporters worldwide.

Football, also called as soccer, is a team sport wherein two

Why Women Hate NFL Football

Most women hate NFL football; plain and simple. Of course there is the small percentage of women that enjoy it just as much as men, or perhaps even more. This small percentage of women who love watching professional football, sit right alongside the men, watching attentively, as they root for their favorite teams and players. But for the other women who hate football, all the whooping and hollering that their men do while watching football can be quite annoying. Merely the thought of watching the players running around in their tacky uniforms and cumbersome helmets annoys some of them. Why would the NFL pay these players to run around, hurting each other over a stupid ball, looking like complete idiots, some women argue?

Many women will sit down with their significant other and ‘watch’ NFL games. Actually they are just sitting

How Old Is Too Old To Play Pro Football?

There have only been just over 40 professional football players who have continued to play after reaching the age of 40. Football is one of the few sports where the players usually quit playing while they’re still in their 30s, and possibly even younger if they’re seriously injured. There are several reasons why these pro players retire so young. Since football is such a physical sport, it is quite normal for NFL players to attain some type of injury on a regular basis. These injuries vary in seriousness from simple bruises or sprains, to more serious injuries such as dislocations, breaks, etc. Some players simply tire of incurring these ‘poundings’ and choose to leave. The body can only take so much abuse, and it’s a fact that the older they get, the more likely they are to be seriously hurt.

The body

Maradona – A Fall From Grace Or Just Another Troubled Genius?

The recent news of Diego Maradona’s ongoing troubles should not detract from his former glory as one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen. Since his retirement he has suffered drink and drug problems, which were particularly highlighted in his goal celebration during the 1994 USA football world cup, and his subsequent failed drug test for the banned substance Ephedrine. Towards the end of his career, Maradona suffered a number of lows, failing a drug test prior the 1994 World Cup in 1991 whilst playing for Napoli and being banned from playing football for 15 months.

Doctors denied that 46-year-old Maradona had attempted suicide after being admitted to hospital in Buenos Aires on 25th March 2007. They say his latest problem relates to ongoing treatment for acute hepatitis related to his alcohol abuse. Maradona is currently obeying the Doctors’ wishes,

Love Fantasy Football? Learn How It All Started

The history of fantasy football actually began several years before the first fantasy team was selected. Although the exact details seem to differ according to who is telling the story, there is no doubt that it was one Wilfred Winkenbach that first had the idea of a fantasy sport, wherein participants would formulate their own teams and determine the success or otherwise of these teams by means of the statistics of the individual team members.

-Golf Came First!

In fact, it was not football but golf that was the first sport to be played under fantasy rules. Wilfred Winkenbach devised fantasy golf in the latter part of the 1950s, in which each player selected a team of professional golfers and the person with the lowest combined total of strokes at the end of the tournament would win. Golf is a simple fantasy game to